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Here are some articles written by - or about - Duff Watkins of ExecSearch International - Australia, which have appeared in a broad variety of newspapers, magazines and corporate publications.


 Sydney Morning Herald articles

Six Myths for Misery When Seeking Employment

How the Job Market Really Works

Company Director Magazine articles

How to Hire a Head Hunter

Swimming with a Shark: The Hidden World of a Head Hunter

Australian Institute of Management articles

The High Stakes of Hiring

The Big Irony:  Why Top Performers Get Outplaced

Ins and Outs of Interviewing

Eroding Ethics in Head hunting

Corporate Comedy: Jokeses and Hoaxes


Profiting From Safety 

Is T.Q.M. (Total Quality Management) D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)?


Herald Sun articles

It's win-win, no matter who wins

Cheer Up Kim, Whingers are Losers

Washington Makes Right Call

Losing Makes Us Winners


This Way Miss Lane

My Life as a Star

Write Artistically - Act Commercially

Safe as Houses

Lying Low

Atop From Afar