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9 Costs of Hiring Mediocrity

by Dr. John Sullivan
former Professor of Human Resource Management
College of Business, San Francisco State University

No one hires mediocre employees purposely.
But they are hired.

Mediocre employees stem from poor recruitment methods and cost you in 9 ways:

1.      Your Management Time And Effort:

2.      Your Training Time And Costs:

3.      Your Customer Satisfaction And Error Rates:

4.      Your Product Development:

5.      Your Competitive Advantage:

6.      Your Other Employee's Productivity:

7.      Your Image And PR:

8.      Your Out Of Pocket Expenses Increase:

9.      Your HR Time And Image:


Mediocre employees cost you a bundle; superior employees generate profits. So preventing and overcoming mediocrity is crucial to your ongoing success. Our ExecSearch Enhanced Performance Methodology© does exactly this on-site, at work, in real-time.   Ask us how.   It’s easier than you think.

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